The Progress Linux project extents a special thanks to the companies and institutions who wish to support us in a recurring way.

Sponsorship conditions and advantages

New sponsors

If you use Progress Linux or offer it to your customers or users, please consider sponsoring the project with a monthly donation. The money will be used to improve Progress Linux and to cover costs for services required to run the project.

To get listed on this page, please contact us at project@lists.progress-linux.org after submitting the payment.

Thank you for your support!

Sponsorship options

Sponsors can choose to donate a monthly amount, or a yearly amount with discount for paying in advance.

Sponsor Level Monthly Donation Yearly Donation
Bronze 100 USD 1'000 USD
Silver 250 USD 2'500 USD
Gold 500 USD 5'000 USD
Platinum 1'000 USD 10'000 USD